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All children must be able to learn until completion of primary education.


Standardized Tests

  • Aiming to use those standardized test for NFPE Level 2 at the end of 2014-15 AY, an orientation workshop was held in October 2014 in Yangon, where TEOs of NFPE townships and other responsible personnel attended.
  • Central level TOT training for test administration was held in January, 2015. It was followed by muliplier training for test administrators. And the test was administered in the first week of March for all NFPE Level 2 learners.


  • To offer a second chance of education to younger age group (10-14 years) who missed the opportunity of completing primary education or who have never attended schools
  • To offer a chance of continuing education at formal secondary schools to those children who have completed NFPE
  • It was piloted in 2002-2003 to 2007-2008 in 59 townships by DBE -1.


  • NFPE Activities at Centres are monitored by TMs, RMs and Central monitors on regular basis
  • Central Management Committee and Central Working Committee occasionally
  • Report back meeting on monitoring are held at three zones, attended by Technical Team, responsible persons from DBE, RMs and TMs.
  • A Coordination meeting on programme evaluation is usually held at the end of each AY.


  • Those who are from poor families with various family backgrounds
  • Those who have never enrolled in school
  • Those who do not complete primary education
  • Those who cannot go to school in school hours
  • The most convenient time for learners
  • The most appropriate place for learners

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